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~~Since opening Pennie Drew Dresses back in 2007,  I have outfitted several Irish dance schools and teams around the US and Canada. These groups use my skirts with various tops (long sleeve and sleeveless leotards as well as short sleeved blouses) to achieve different looks depending on what they are being used for and then sometimes paired with vests and capes both of which I can make. I also make matching cuffs, headbands, as well as bodice/neckline decorations, and skirt bags.

As of 2017, my team/performance skirts are priced at $350.00 each. The price includes the skirt pattern and panel design, labor and construction, all supplies needed to complete your order, as well as free US shipping. The skirts usually have four decorated panels which are fully stiffened with each panel having a design. There would be a contrasting color for the in between pleats as well as the underskirt. Skirt backs are undecorated, but can have a matching design at an added cost. There is a full length heavy duty zipper in the back for easy off and on.

Here is the breakdown of the skirt making process: We would discuss color preferences and what type of a design might be desired on the skirt panels. Clients often email photos of school costumes so that I can base a design on some element or part of it. I would then draw up a design based on this input and email the design for approval. A deposit of one half the total due would be required at that time to hold a spot for sewing, ordering of supplies, and to begin preliminary drawing up of individual skirt patterns. PAYPAL, credit card, check, or money order are all fine for payment, but all deposits must be paid at the same time. I would then send a finished waistband and instructions that would be used to get the waist and length measurements (very easy procedure to follow). The waistband would then be returned to me along with the measurements and I would get started with the sewing - emailing a photo when the first skirt front is completed. As I get close to finishing all of the skirts, I would request the other half of payment and then ship them out after the order is paid in full.

Large skirt orders can be completed and delivered in a matter of a few weeks, but will be dependent on how quickly fabrics and supplies can be ordered/gathered up, how long it takes for measurements and deposits to be returned to me, as well as where your order falls in line with the rest of my sewing schedule. Please let me know if there are any questions or if your dance school or group might like to pursue something like this by using the contact button at the top of this page. All of the skirts that I have made for schools/teams are shown on the home page slide show of this website. Feel free to take a peek. Also, to see my skirts in action as well as what they really look like both front and back, just go to YouTube and search for "elevation irish dance" and several videos will show up of a group that I outfitted a few years ago doing a big show. The only thing out of the ordinary about their skirts is that they are outlined in white instead of black (which is what I usually use) and the "v" in the front I now make much more dropped down (as shown in the photos below).